Big Data for Smart and Personalized Air Pollution Monitoring and Health Management

Project team members at the launching ceremony of the TRS project officiated by Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and Cambridge University Deputy VC in August 2017.
研究團隊於 2017 年 8 月出席由香港大學校長和劍橋大學副校長主持的 “ 主題研究計劃” 項目啟動典禮。
  • Project Details:
Project Code:T41-709/17-N
Project Title:Big Data for Smart and Personalized Air Pollution Monitoring and Health Management
Project Coordinator:Professor Victor On-kwok LI
Coordinating Institution:The University of Hong Kong
Participating Institution(s):Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The University of Cambridge
  • Abstract
This project, leveraging on international, interdisciplinar y exper tise in engineering, science, medicine, and social science, develops artificial intelligence and big data technologies to enable the estimation and forecasting of real-time, interactive, air pollution information, to the street level, and to provide personalized aler t and advice to improve the health of our citizens. Our developed technologies are deployed in a smartphone apps UMeAir, freely available to all citizens and visitors of Hong Kong. Our technologies can be easily extended to other cities such as Beijing, London, etc., creating new business opportunities and competitive advantage for the information
technology and healthcare industry in HK.
  • Research Impact
• Novel big data framework for high precision, real-time, interactive, personalized air quality monitoring and health management, easily replicable to other cities.
• New synchronized heterogeneous datasets.
• Improved citizen understanding and data-driven decision-making.
• Causal relationship bet ween personal exposure (aged 12-18) to PM (1 .0, 2 . 5 ) and health/health perception rigorously investigated via longitudinal exposure study.
• Rigorous personal behavior change study based on actual behavioral data.